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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  October 22, 2012 9:00am-9:30am PDT

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it's a brand new week and we've got brand new videos, "right this minute." hey there. >> when a guy discovers his missing dog in deep trouble, he freaked out, but it's how he got the dog out that's the great story. do you have the rings? >> when it's time to exchange rings in this ceremony, it looks like -- >> the best man did his job. >> while looks can be deceiving. >> oh! no. >> a thrill ride stalls in mid-air leaving people stranded. >> not that bad.
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>> not that bad? you're hanging upside-down on a roller coaster. >> the story of the rescue and the reward. plus, it's the great ipad giveaway onright this minute." ow to re-create a scene from para normal activity for a scare in your own home. this shot is the about norway, it's more than 20 feet deep at the bottom of his very deep, very narrow crevice, there's a 7-month-old beagle named hero. >> ah! >> hey there. >> what you're seeing down there san actual climb here got all of his gear together, climbed down this deep crevice and then put some gear around the little dog and as you're watching the video you see her lifted out, comes to the surface. her little face was so terrified
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and she sees her owner and watch her go absolutely nuts. >> ah! >> that's roy hof, the beagle's owner. let me tell you the story how this beagle ended up in this crevice. roy was out training her to be a rabbit hunter. >> after about five minutes when she didn't come back, he freaked out. he's looking everywhere for his dog. >> he looked nearly 35 hours. >> what? >> oh, my gosh. >> finally heard our howling. called over buddies. they tried for several hours to get the beagle out. but couldn't. >> who rescued her? the climber? an entire rescue team? >> they had him bring all of this gear and he crime eclimbed and helped bring her to the surface. we spoke to the honor roy, and roy says she slept for 30 hours after this ordeal. >> ah, bore baby. >> it was the first time he ever
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let her sleep in the bedry him. >> good luck getting her out. and a park in china, thrill seekers got a little bit more than they bargained for. watch what happens. this ride starts to creep up to do another lap and suddenly -- it -- stops. >> ah! >> and the passengers, 12 of them, are left dangling for up to five minutes. >> ah, not that bad. >> not that bad? you're hanging upsidedown on a roller coaster, all the blood rushing to your head. you don't know if you're getting down. >> they probably waited two hours in line to get on that thing. might at well get your money's worth. >> apparently they didn't empty their pockets and coins fell out of the pockets and messed up the ride. >> that's all it took? somebody's coins out of somebody's possibility? >> maybe a safety thing. the ride knew something was on
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the track and did this so it wouldn't jam. >> if a safety mode leaves you upside-down, a really bad safety mode. >> better than getting thrown off the tracks mode! >> and everybody on the ride got a seven-day pass for this. >> disney doesn't even have a seven-day pass. >> but after this happen, do you want to go back for seven days? i don't think so. >> yeah. riding along with washington township police officer joseph dibonaventura, and you're about to see him get cut off. did you see that? the driver claims he didn't cut off this officer. >> what did i do? >> well, you cut me off back there. >> did i mention he is a fligs
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new jerse politician in new jersey. >> have you been drinking? >> i can smell alcohol on your breath. >> pulls him out. does a beth breathalyzer and he feels he passes but the officer says he didn't. >> put you on a breathalyzer. >> moriarty refused to take the breathalyzer and is charged with dui. if convicted he could face a seven-month suspension. talk to the assemblyman. >> this officer targeted me, followaled me. the video clearly shows he followed me and then he fabricated a story about why he was stopping me. >> assemblyman moriarty filed a claim involving files false reports. time for the ipad 3 give away. >> giving away 15 over the next five weeks.
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>> to enter. >> head to our facebook page. >> and click on the ipad give away button right there and enter today's buzzword. >> we'll be back later in the show to give you today's buzzword so get ready to write it down to win an ipad 3. >> and somebody's about to be our very first winner. because we drive sedans and suvs, we don't think about this. a bridge in durham, north carolina, known as the can opener. >> oh! >> wait. does this bridge vts own website dedicated to videos like this because it happens all the time? >> well, yelwell, yes. nick. this happens about once a month. some guy put up a video devoted to the crashes and then a website devoted to this bridge. >> check out what happened in july and august. plenty of warning signs and
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flashing lights, but the person in this rental truck forgot how tall that truck is. >> ah. that's painful. >> that's -- >> it's kind of like watching a giant can of sardines just get opened up. >> this isn't some vehicle bridge or pedestrian bridge? >> a train trestle and the train company, norfolk southern railroad install add crash beam to prevent this stuff in happening but if hasn't worked for everybody. like this big truck here. this camping truck, not going to exactly be the same. >> oh! >> they don't have air conditioning and satellite tv anymore. that just went off. does he even know? >> some people are asking, why don't they just raise the bridge? you're talking about millions of dollar, and i don't think the train company or the state or taxpayers really want to pay that kind of money to raise that little bridge up. a baby tapir is born but can't break free. >> so the staffers immediately
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rush over to the baby that, as you can see, is unresponsive. >> o thda the moto-snout move >> ah! you're right. this is all kind of awesome. and we've got cool video to show you straight from the navy, and the best part, it looks like -- >> "top gun" except this is real thirty-eight. schools. trouble, we all should help out. under thirty-eight they do. more a year. bucks. money for schools. every school dollar must be... spent on student learning. student wins.
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vote yes on thirty-eight.
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tell me if you know who this guy is. >> hi, everybody. >> recognize that face? >> no. wait. is that -- >> no. >> this is toddrick hall. you might know him from season nine of "american idol." >> toddrick is my name and i'm here to play in your game. >> a viral take on the cinderella story. >> what if you got --
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♪ dip itty bobbitty boo >> an internet acceptation. latest video on youtube. >> the worse day ever and just ran into this lady. what's your name? >> he was having a really bad day, and -- rear-ended a car. >> the girl seemed to know who he was and was kind of excited about the fact. that he had rear-ended her car. he starts making a video and even serenades her. >> she asked me to sing something for her. so this is for you. ♪ don't you remember you told me you love me teri ♪ >> and she goes nuts. ♪ you said you'd be coming back this way again ♪ that's for you. >> ah. thanks so much. >> that's the kind of level of fame you want. just enough fame to get you out of trouble like this. >> right. >> you don't want to be so famous you're hounded by paparazzi. just famous enough to not get trouble when you rear end snb your car. >> you made my day.
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thank you for making me smile today. >> i'm glad you hit me from behind. >> ooh. oh, boy! >> ah! [ laughter ] >> a little flirtatious. >> wishful thinking there, gal. >> okay. as you were. there's a million dudes out there our age, younger, older, who grew up wanting to be maverick, his man goose, from the famous movie "top gun." this is about as close as you're going to get. this is a video released by the u.s. navy. >> and it just looks awesome. >> it looks like "top gun" except this is real life. >> they had to because "top gun" is getting old. they're like, what is that? >> you see the smoke, hand
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signal, it's just awesome. >> you know what i really like about this video? it's a total dude video, you're so into it, and there are no -- >> you guys like thus stuff, too. >> i love it. absolutely great. >> yeah. >> a youtube comment on here that says, i could watch stuff like this all day. i wanted to be a fighter pilot so bad when i was a kid. when i grew up i realizedy just didn't have the balls. but i can watch videos like this and dream. here you have it, dudes of america. this is a story that people in denver are very familiar with, but i can't wait to tell all of you about it. >> this video capture as moment the tapir gives birth at the denver zoo. >> ah! >> it's an exciting moment for everyone, because tapirs are an endangerrd species. >> so this is a good thing. >> ah. look at her. >> look how little it s. but also notice, it's not moving.
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>> oh. >> mom comes and she tries to break the baby free from the am meotic sack, but did so unsuccessfully, so the staffers immediately rush over to the baby that, as you can see, is unresponsive. they get the baby out of the amniotic sack and were look what they start doing. they start give his baby mouth-to-snout res perating breaths, trying to get this baby to start breathing by itself and this is dumadi now. his name is dumadi. >> ah! you're right. this is all kinds of awesome. can you imagine if this tapir had been born in the wild, it would not be swimming in this little pool right now. >> and look how healthy and how lovely this baby tapir is. >> looks like a little pig with a snout. >> looks like a pig, like an anteate
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it's a halloween cooking video, because you've got to know how to make -- brain cake. >> ah, that is brain-like. >> see how it's done on the next "right this minute." and still to come -- a wedding on a bridge over the water. >> oh, my -- >> oops. >> it's kind of a big deal, what just happened. see what hits the water, next. and it's the movie paranarmparanarm paranarm -- paranormal activity in your home and got us asking. >> is that wh
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it's the monday edition of the "best of "rtm"" where you let you know about the videos we have on our website. >> i have a great prank video. the master is back, hanging out in central park scaring the people passing by. >> surprised the central park security didn't arrest this guy. >> too much bush. >> now, bemth, just when you think there couldn't be another gangnam-style video. this one you got to see. guys translated the korean to english. now we know what they've been saying. things like -- >> classy know how to enjoy ♪ >> finally something told us. >> to see both of these videos,
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head to our website and click -- >> "best of "rtm"". >> when you're the best man in a best friend's wedding, a good responsibility. give a good speech and carefully transfer the pocket from those presiding over the wedding. here is the groom. you see they're outside. saying vous. looks like they're going to have a nice day. now comes time for the guy officiating the wedding to say -- >> may i have the ring? >> at first you think -- successful transfer. best man did his job. keep watching. >> oh! no. >> you see a ring fall literally bounce 12 inches in the air, right into that moat. >> did you notice there was like a freeze-frame. like everybody just paused. >> it's kind of a big deal what happened, and you know those rings aren't cheap, either. >> if you go back and look, what
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i really think happened, the ring was in the red box. when he handed the box over it was upside-down. so when the guy opened it, the ring fell out. big deal. haven't warn them yet, no special meaning, yet. >> you're saying a big deal, the moment in the wedding ceremony where you put the symbol of the promise on the bride's hand, and the symbol ends up in a muddy pond? >> but you get a viral video out of the deal. >> it appears only one ring fell into the water, which is good. it looks as though they still wept through with the wedding. >> what that best man should have done is jumped in the water and go retrieve that ring. if he was a really good best man. steven it is time for another edition of technology from the moon. >> it is. that you might find in your home. >> i love this segment. >> the movie "paranormal
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activity 4" just opened. i'm too scared to eastern watch the trailer. one scene people are chatting about online. it's this scene right here. the kids are in the family room playing. >> the kinects, what how they see. this is how they find the paranormal. >> you can actually use your kinect in this way in your home. we have folks who tried it. watch this. they turn on their infrared camera -- >> it works. >> right. >> in your home. >> is that what it's supposed to do, though? >> let's find out. we have our kinect-sperts here to weigh in. hey there, zach. >> hey, dude. >> this is pretty cool. what exactly is going onhere? >> the kinect uses this ifrared ight to s what it doesn't, this grid of red light and detects how long it takes for the light to
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reflect off of you or what's in the room, and you and i can tell how far away we are. >> what you need to do this at home is an infrared camera. >> ah. i see. >> why do you think this got so much attention? this particular scene? why are people blown away by it? >> because it's something people don't realize and new information. seems pretty cool. especially this girl in the video is really freaked out by it. it's nothing scary. just you see the movie, and the scary. time to reveal today's buzzword in the "right this minute" ipad 3 giveaway. >> get ready to write down the buzzword to enter on our facebook page. >> and today's buzzword is popcorn. >> p-o-pop-c-o-r-n. remember, the buds word for today is, monday, popcorn. i've got a mash-up of cool. >> but see how easily a mashup
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recently celebrated festival 2012, and alternative music festival. so you see a bunch of people sitting around. there's music playing, and this guy's holding a huge post. >> oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. >> and then this guy starts climbing up this post. then look at what he does.
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he balances himself at the very top of this pole. and then he starts going around in circles and takes his hands off. look at this. [ applause ] >> crazy. i think he's doing this on his -- like, waist belt. >> that's impressive. >> think of the core strength to keep himself straight out like that. >> but also pay attention to the guy at the bottom, because that pole is on his waist from the ground. it's on him. octopus attacks -- a gopro. ♪
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i've got a mash up of cool. this is the 1,500-year-old cistern in the basilica palace in istanbul, turkey. there's about two feet of water underneath this pallet. 336 marble columns. it's an incredibly cool, historic place, but what would make it cooler? wakeboardi wakeboarding. >> oh, boy. >> two german, frederic and dominick. they wakeboard through the forest of marble columns. it's incredible. check it out. they set up one of those high-speed tow lines, and wait for -- this basement below the palace. >> wiping out would be a little painful in only two feet of water. >> you see them.
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it doesn't go very far beneath the water and he said, yeah. that one hurt. >> that was the best shot, because i thought i had broken something, because it was a hard crash. >> i wonder what that request looked like to the people at the palace. hey, we'd like to wakeboard in the cistern. do you mind? >> i wonder what it looked like in the doctor's office. how did this happen? we in the basement of the basilica wakeboarding. >> had e did not break any bones. came out it with a few simple scratches on his elbow. i thought it was cool to put the new sport of wakeboarding with this 1,500-year-old palet. that's it for "right this minute." thve a great rest our day.
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